Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead
Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead

Oxygen UV LED C8 Powerhead

Sale price$640.00 NZD

What is Ultraviolet light?

That's the power of the sun, really powerful stuff.  

UV-C disinfection is often used with other technologies (swimming pool chlorinator) as a multi prong approach to ensure whatever pathogen is not "killed" by the filtering method is inactivated by another (UV-C) Oxy-Sal Powerhead.

(UV-C) is a disinfection method that uses short wave light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

All bacteria and viruses tested to date (over hundreds of years) respond to UV-C disinfection.

UV-C light like that found in the Oxy-Sal UVC powerhead inactivates/kills at least two other coronaviruses that are close relatives of COVID 19.  a. SARS CoV-1 b. MER-C

There is no disputing the effectiveness of ultraviolet light in terms of its ability to delivery superior water disinfection.

We are thrilled to say, that's not the only advantage to installing a UV-C Powerhead alongside your existing pool maintenance system.

We all love to save money right?

When you install a Oxy-Sal Powerhead alongside your existing water disinfection system expect serious dollar savings


By efficiently disinfecting your water in up to 50% less time.  

Less running time equates to significant energy cost savings, in addition, the higher level of water disinfection produced by UV-C light reduces the pool waters chemical demand translating to further cost savings to you.

Oxy-Sal UV-C Powerhead is the most environmentally friendly energy efficient way to  exceptional swimming pool water.

Kills 99.9% Bacteria

Customer Comments

“……I just wanted to say how very happy we are to have installed one off your Oxy-Sal Power Heads on our swimming pool 2 months ago, we have now reduced the Chlorinator to 20 % and reduced our pump to 6 hrs a day and chlorine levels are holding firm, water quality is crystal clear! Thank you so much!”

Jason and Family


The Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead can be used on any standard or reverse polarity salt/mineral chlorinator power pack with output voltages from 5vdc – 30 vdc. Simply piggyback the powerhead cables onto the cells DC terminals or powerpack cell output DC terminals. The power usage is 200 mill amps. The Electromagnetic energy treatment system will accommodate swimming pools from 5,000 up to 130,000 litres in combination with 15-40 gph salt/mineral swimming pool sanitation system. Important: Oxy-Sal Sal-Chlor Climax Pty. Ltd. recommends the use of an electrical contractor to connect Oxy-Sal to power cables inside any power supply 5vdc – 30vdc connector terminals. Connections to external power supply cell terminals and cell terminals can be done by a pool technician, due to the electrical power being only low voltage 5vdc -30vdc.