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UV light eliminates 99.9% of chlorine resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium & Giardia that are responsible for diarrhea and intestinal illness. You're receiving cleaner, safer swimming pool water.

- Provides sterilisation without chemicals or harmful by-products.
- Helps your chlorinator by providing another layer of protection
- Kills chlorine-resistant viruses and bacteria your current systems miss
- Reduces chemical demand by up to 50%, saving you money
- Reduces your sanitisation system's running time, increasing its life span.
- Lowers the energy cost for keeping your pool clean and healthy.

Yes. The UV Powerhead works best alongside a capable chlorinator, however the Powerhead will reduce your chlorinator's chemical demand by up to 50%. This means no more red eyes or skin irritations, as well as significant savings for you during the lifetime of your pool.

The UV Powerhead reduces sanitation system running times by up to 35%. Each pool is unique, so we recommend monitoring your water quality and slowly reducing your sanitation system's operating time until you arrive at the perfect balance of optimal water quality with minimal running time.

Absolutely! UV light disinfects without chemicals or harmful by-products. Additionally, the Oxy-Sal Powerhead uses LEDs and is RoHS compliant, making disposal less harmful than other water systems, particularly UV tube systems.

Yes. If you want to use the UV Powerhead somewhere that does not have a chorinator, such as a pond, water feature, or spa, it will work perfectly. All the UV Powerhead requires to function is a pump and power source.

LEDs are simply more efficient.
They last longer and use less power to do the same job, all while being the cheaper option. Unlike UV tubes, they have no mercury or heavy metals present, and thus have a safer and easier disposal.
Additionally, standard UV tube products have to slow down the flow of water to maintain effectiveness, which causes build-up on the tube that must be regularly cleaned. The Oxy-Sal UV Powerhead sanitises water while maintaining your filtration system's natural water speed, greatly reducing build-up and thus reducing maintenance.
The Oxy-Sal UV LED Powerhead provides a 'set it and forget it' experience you just won't find with the short-lifespan, high-maintenance designs of UV tube sanitation systems.

Definitely.  Our system works the same on spas, water features, and fish tanks; anywhere there is a pump present and you want safe and healthy water, the UV Powerhead is a good addition.  If you want to operate the Powerhead without a chlorinator power source, we supply a waterproof transformer.