Development Story

Sal-Chlor Climax Pty Ltd Developed the Oxy-Sal Oxygen – Mineral Swimming Pool Powerhead Treatment System in 2014.

It was then that Sal-Chlor developed the Oxy-Gen 250 Commercial low TDS Mineral/Oxygen UV Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems for the Asian and US markets. These units were essentially the first generation of what has now become the Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber. Those original units designed by Sal-Chlor used an S/C ADCS control module with 2-4 high powered LEDs build into the Powerhead and used in conjunction with the Sal-Chlor Powerhead Electrodes. This design was created to be installed in 300,00-500,00 litres Commercial Swimming Pools for the Asian and US markets. Those pools were operating at mineral salt levels of 2000-2800ppm.

Following the infield success of the Commercial Systems Sal-Chlor went on to develop a range of Mineral/Low Salt UVC LED Powerheads for the domestic market. These Powerheads were designed with the same principle of building the UVC LED into the Mineral/Low Salt Cell Head. Since 2014 Thousands of these units have sold into the World market under OEM Brand names. All Design & Copyright is the property of Sal-Chlor Climax Pty Ltd.

Always looking for new ways to innovate, it was in 2018 that Sal-Chlor looked to further develop the now very successful UV LED Powerhead. Our goal was to create more versatility around our current offerings. Our goal was to be able to bring the well-documented benefits of UV Water Sanitation to a wider market with minimal fuss and expense. The result of our ambition is the Oxy-Sal LED UV C8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber. A product we are extremely proud of. With the creation of our custom-designed ADCS Control System, we have been able to develop a standalone system programmed to control 8 high powered Short Wave Length LED UV’s each producing 250-400 Nanometres (nm), meaning at maximum output the Powerhead Fusion Chamber is capable of delivering a whopping 3200nm of precious UV water sanitation as a standalone system.

The Oxy-Sal LED UVC8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber series 4 can be used in conjunction with all Standard or Reverse Polarity Mineral/Salt Chlorinators with a cell voltage between 5Vdc- 11Vdc. Series 8 is suitable to work with Chlorinators with cell voltages between 5Vdc – 32 Vdc.

The Oxy-Sal LED UV C8 can be easily connected to the pool/spa water treatment system power pack cell connections or cell terminals providing the terminations are waterproof.

The process of killing the Bacteria and RNA Viruses’ DNA will take between 24-48 hours. Once this Biocide action has taken place and removed all the dangerous microorganisms from the pool/spa water the salt/mineral pool generators treatment levels will automatically increase their output due to the lighter workload bought about by the cleaner water created by passing through the Oxy-Sal LED UV C8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber. This means over time the pump and filtration time can be reduced, saving energy and extending chlorinator cell life. We recommend these reductions takes place in stages until the recommended sanitation level is reached in the individual swimming pool/spa.

The Oxy-Sal LED UVC8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber is designed to work alongside an adequate Salt/Mineral Chlorination system to deliver a superior level of sanitation and bacteria-free water safety. The Oxy-Sal LED UVC8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber is not designed to increase the output of Salt/Mineral Chlorinators which sanitise the volume of water in the pool or spa to which it is fitted. Nor is it designed to prolong the life of a failing cell. The Oxy-Sal LED UVC8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber will only produce optimum results when used in conjunction with a Salt/Mineral Chlorination system capable of producing correct water sanitation levels to the pool/spa to which it is fitted.

It is then, when the major benefits of the Oxy-Sal LED UVC8 Powerhead Fusion Chamber are realised, that chlorinator running time can be reduced, saving power and cell life. You may also find once maximum efficiency is achieved you will need to add less salt/mineral to your pool/spa all the while enjoying cleaner and safer water.