OXY-SAL Ultaviolet Sanitizer for Swimming Pools & Spa’s

Designed by World leaders in Water Purification.

Delivering Domestic & Commercial Swimming Pool water purification worldwide for almost 50 years.

Customer Comments

“……I just wanted to say how very happy we are to have installed one off your Oxy-Sal Power Heads on our swimming pool 2 months ago, we have now reduced the Chlorinator to 20 % and reduced our pump to 6 hrs a day and chlorine levels are holding firm, water quality is crystal clear! Thank you so much!”  – Jason and Family

“……Rod, the level of CL2 jumped over 3 days from 2.0 to 3.5 on the same amount of hours per day filtration. Looks good.”  – Cheers Michael


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How does UV light benefit my swimming pool?
UV light eliminates 99.9% of chlorine resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium & Giardia that are responsible for diarrhea and intestinal illness. Essentially delivering cleaner & safer swimming pool water.
How does the LED UVC Powerhead benefit me?
We’re so glad you asked.  The answer is in so many ways.
  • You are not exposing your family to dangerous by-products.
  • You get a safe ECO friendly swimming pool.
  • Cleaner healthier water means no red eyes or skin irritations.
  • The elimination of dangerous pathogens saves your family from illness saving you money on medical expenses.
  • Reducing chemical demand by up to 50% saves you money.
  • Shorter sanitation system running time saves you money.
  • Lower energy consumption lowers your carbon footprint.
Do I still need to use pool chemicals?
Chemical demand is reduced by approximately 50%. That means no more red eyes or skin irritations. It also presents significant dollars savings to you during the lifetime of your pool.
How long do I need to operate my system each day?
You will reduce your entire water sanitation system running time by 30-50%. The effective elimination of the chlorine resistant pathogens essentially means your water is cleaner in less time. Less chlorinator & filter running time equates to big dollar savings to you the end user.
Is the system ECO Friendly?
Absolutely UVC light is Mother Natures disinfectant. The high energy short wave light eliminates dangerous microorganisms without chemicals.
Can I use it without a salt/mineral chlorinator?
Yes, the LED UVC Powerhead is just as effective when used on Bromide, Ionised or Liquid & Powder Chlorine Pools.
Why is this system different to UV tube systems on the market?
  • There are so many reasons.
  • No mercury or heavy metals present
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Safer easier disposal
  • It can be installed alongside any current water sanitation system
  • No build up on the tube reducing the effectiveness of the light
  • Easier to maintain
  • Longer life span
Can I use the LED UVC Powerhead to sanitize water other than swimming pool water?
Yes you can.  Our system can be used on spa’s, water features, fish tanks anywhere there is a pump present and where you desire clean safely sanitized water.  To operate the system independently simply add our water safe low voltage isolation transformer.

Dramatically reduce chemical demand by up to 50% saves money


Inactivates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungus and algae microorganisms


Eco & Family Friendly


Suitable for new & existing Pools, Fish Tanks, Ponds and Aquariums


Lower energy use saves money

Aquatics Powerhead Clarifier System

For Fish Tanks, Ponds and Aquariums

Eliminates green tanks and ponds, viruses, algae growth, micro-organisms and bacteria. Protects your fish from diseases

Why did Sal-Chlor design/produce the Oxy-Sal Powerhead Fusion Chamber?

As a leading innovator in water technology Sal-Chlor is always searching for ways to improve and deliver the best possible products into the market. As most of us know. Water by nature carries large amounts of bacteria. A standard pool chlorination system, be it salt mineral or ozone does most of the heavy lifting to sanitize your swimming pool water eliminating the largest amount of bacteria, which is great but, here at Sal-Chlor we knew we could do better by using the worlds latest and best UV LED technology. After significant trail error and testing over a 6-year period we are very proud to have produced ready for market the Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead safely eliminating up to 99.9% of the remaining bacteria & micro-organisms like giardia and cryptosporidium left behind by your current chlorination system. When used in conjunction with the correct gph mineral/salt/ozone chlorination system the Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead delivers another level of protection against potential diseases bought on by water borne bacteria. A large part of our development process was to be able to produce a system that was:
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Long Life UV LED technology
We have done this by creating a system that is significantly less expensive than any other UV technology on the market, yet more powerful due to our use of the unique UV LED technology. The Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead can be added to any current chlorination system by way of a simple installation by a licenced plumber. The design and placement of the Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead in your water treatment system means minimal maintenance for you because the water entering the Powerhead has already been cleaned by your filter which means there is less residue to build up on the UV LED C technology which could potentially reduce the UV LED C output. In some cases where hard water is present the maintenance remains easy. Simply use a general household detergent in warm water with a soft cloth to gently wipe any residue from the UV LED C. It doesn’t get any easier. We are so proud to have developed the innovative Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead. There is no time like the present to be committed to delivering to the world the highest level of swimming pool sanitation. This is the next generation in safe swimming pool water coming to you with minimal fuss.


The Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead can be used on any standard or reverse polarity salt/mineral chlorinator power pack with output voltages from 5vdc – 30 vdc. Simply piggyback the powerhead cables onto the cells DC terminals or powerpack cell output DC terminals. The power usage is 200 mill amps. The Electromagnetic energy treatment system will accommodate swimming pools from 5,000 up to 130,000 litres in combination with 15-40 gph salt/mineral swimming pool sanitation system. Important: Oxy-Sal Sal-Chlor Climax Pty. Ltd. recommends the use of an electrical contractor to connect Oxy-Sal to power cables inside any power supply 5vdc – 30vdc connector terminals. Connections to external power supply cell terminals and cell terminals can be done by a pool technician, due to the electrical power being only low voltage 5vdc -30vdc.


Optional Transformer

Installation with Transformer

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For detailed installation instructions, please click here.

Benefits of the Oxy-Sal System

Aside from the benefits of delivering the cleanest safest swimming pool water to you, your family and your friends with minimal fuss & disruption at an affordable price. The Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead does not require an independent power supply. The water is pushed through the chamber by your current filtration & chlorination systems, that’s right piggy backing off that power if you like. Genius right!
The Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 Powerhead:
  • Uses no independent power supply
  • Reduces filtration running time by up to 35%
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces your power bill saving you $
Biotech Laboratories Water & Environmental Testing Report Number 886650
Click chart to enlarge
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Biotech Laboratories Water & Environmental Testing Report Number 886650
Electrical  Safety  AS/NZS3136, AS/NZ 31200, Am1-2 & 103, NSF-ANSI 55, IP68
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The extra layer of bacteria elimination delivered by the Oxy-Sal UV LED C8 powerhead means the water in your swimming pool is cleaner and safer than ever before. This higher standard of bacteria elimination means you are able to reduce the running time of your swimming pool chlorination system by up to 35% significantly reducing your energy consumption, carbon footprint & energy cost.

ESF Process

Chemical Engineer’s report that once water enters the chamber, the following reactions / processes take place:
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Shortwave UVC
  • Reflected Turbulence

Revolutionary UV-Light Kills Deadly Viruses and Bacteria

As the Corona virus is spreading across the globe at a rapid pace, the power of UV to kill this, and most other viruses and bacteria is slowly being recognised in the global fight against this deadly pandemic. Please click here to find out more.